Bhagya Lakshmi September 17 full episode online HD

 In the story of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV, you will see Manish in a very angry state because Manish has forgotten his demand to the police and further the police has also told Manish.

 that your demand is fulfilled, nothing from you.  would have  Nahi Karoge Jee Haan Friends, Rishi will be seen troubling Manish a lot, you will see Logon arguing a lot with Manish's log, you will see.

 Logon and on the other hand, Rishi's grandmother for Rishi's sake.  .  K's grandmother is distributing Rishi's spring to the court and Rishi misses her a lot, but the police will be seen


 helping Rishi to remove the spring, but Rishi will dissuade her from coming.  And Manish says to Rishi, I will not leave your Lakshmi, because Manish does what he says, Rishi, you have.

 troubled our people a lot with your voice, we people have suffered a lot, Rishi, if you had not troubled us.  When would we have left here but from your voice we are still here even the police is not.

 fulfilling our demand and on the other hand Balvinder also wants it in the hands of Manish.  To whom to say Manish Balwinder I think you have come here to do your job write we guys won't let you.

 do anything Balwinder if you try to move then only you guys shoot inside Manishkar Manishkar's order  .  It will be seen because Manish is quite a jerk and Balvinder wants to know Manish well, so.

 Manushya says I do small theft, Manish brother, but whatever you say, I will do the same, but you will ask me something, I did not come from Shah.  Neelam Sankar will show a lot of green.  He says.

 to Shah, I will take him instead, remember, you have taken too lightly from me, Malik Shah and Malik Shah's father have also taken Manish, samne dekh Kar kafi dare hote hain kyunki balvinder ko pata hota is the father of Malik.

 Shah.  In the nude, Malik Shah's history is mocked. Somewhere Balvinder told Manish in our nude, first of all Manish has to be the same.  Then we people will not be saved from Masneesh

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