Bhagya Lakshmi September 18 full episode hd

 Pyaar Ka Dusra Naam Radha Mohan's Story In Zee TV show you guys are going to see Damani has decided because Damani can't stand Radha with Mohan anymore so Damni is having a lot of.

 big plans.  do  While she is leaving Mohan's house, Mohan stops Radha and says to Radha, if you leave here, I will not like it at all, I will never forgive you.  Is.  Then Damani also looks at.

 Mohan. Radha stops Radha and says, "Don't tie the dam to the pumpkin. You are not doing anything. If you keep going like this, I will lose my Mohan. Why did you dare to stop Mohan? This friend.

 is a pumpkin."  She bids farewell to Damani and says to Damani, Mohan is yours and you will stay, Radha's main usage is Radha's main use, I will not stay in the house, yes, friends, Kudu.

 says to Damani, you are good for Radha.  I will leave the house by myself, my friends will see Damini writing a false letter. Radha will be very upset after reading it and will be tied to Mohan.  If you .

 want to go to your home, then I will also go with you, but Kudu says to Mohan, you will not go anywhere, I will not let you go with Radha, if you go with Radha, it will be Radha's villagers who.

 will be in Radha's village.  It will not be good at all, and on the other hand, Gungan will also look very upset because Radha is going to rescue Gungan alone.  Damini has a plan but now she wants.

 Radha to never return home and Mohan to be mine forever but Damini doesn't know that Mohan also goes after Radha because Mohan can't be without Radha anymore.  Keonki Mohan has fallen in love with Radha, so he follows.

 Radha with his daughter Gungan.  But you guys will also see Radha Mohan in Zee TV show for updates. Keep visiting our Sadas for every new update. We keep sharing with you guys. Thanks for visiting my site.

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