Radha Mohan today 13 September full episode hd

  In the show Zee TV, you guys are watching, Kadu will be seen driving Radha and Mohan away from each other because Damani has tortured Kadu, which makes Kadu very angry.

 and follow Damani's words.  In the episode, you will also see that when Damani sees Radha and Mohan going away from a world, she looks quite happy, in which she says to her mother, "I don't know.

 what to say, like I thought.  Hey friends, Damani's mother is also very happy and says to Damani, now you don't have to be afraid because the pumpkin is already ready, you have to.

 take care of the pumpkin.  No one can take away your charm, yes, friends, dam, no, when she goes to Gungan and says Usha, you are bad today, call me mother, even then, Gun Gun says .

 to Damani, she is my mother, I will not live in this world, yes, acc.  Heaven be with him, still you are telling me that you call me mother. Yes, friends, Damini likes Gungan's talk a lot because.

 Gangan is Radha's own mother.  She says because the gun is heaven, her mother is not speaking and the artery leaves in the vehicle and on the other side you are going to see Mohan and.

 Radha together because Mohan is going to tell Radha about his heart.  Radha Sankar looks very happy, I am very happy that you understand me and know my feelings, but there will be a new.

 twist in the story as Damini sees Radha and Mohan talking to each other.  Damani Choto too.  Because Damani thought that Mohan will not know, but Mohan himself has expressed his love.

 for Radha, but not Damani, they will never be one.  Aap logon Ko kyunki Mohan ki Mom to Radha Ka Sath De Nahin Sakte Isliye Damini Badi.

 Aasani se Radha Ko Aapne Raste Se nikalti Hui dikhai degi jisse damini to will be happy Lekin gungun bahut dukhi hone aur jaaphi see you very soon

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