Radha Mohan today 23 September full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Mohan comes to know about the truth, Damani gets a spring from the house. Tab plays Damani in the house. Gungan is walking and she is also very happy. She always.

 wants Radha to be her man. When Damani finds out that Radha and Mohan are getting married, Damani is very happy. She says that the work for which we came to the house is done, so what.

 is the point of staying in the house now? We will fulfill it. Damini is also united in her heart's words and she is united in anger. She says that I will not allow this marriage to happen. I will give my life for this marriage. Mohan.

 gets ready for marriage Radha becomes a bride Damani goes to Radha's room O talks to Radha Both of them are from a different world. and Damani makes Radha unconscious. And she herself becomes the bride. Radha is saved.

 by the bride as a bride in the bell. I am radha here there is a noise then radha comes to her senses then she thinks how can I do this then she still tries to open the door she is shouting for help and shadi oti hai radha kisi hai ki.

  By doing anything, I have to do this marriage, even if I want, Radha can't do anything. The door is locked. Gungan is just opening the door, she sees the heart of Damani, she takes Gungan as her own since when, she also makes


 Gungan unconscious. Hai Aur Madad ke Liye Awaz De Rahi Hoti Hai Tabhi Ghar Ki Naukrani Kisi kam se Ati Hai The door sounds and she opens the door and She sees Naukrani and says that you are here, then who is the bride? Sindoor.

 dal is still there in the demand of Mohan Damani. Radha goes and everyone is surprised to see Radha. When Javi raises the bell, Damini is in the bell, Radha stops the marriage, Damani.

 does not get married to Mohan, even then Mohan leaves the house for Damani and her maan. Mohan is marrying Radha, where is Radha remembered? Gungan is nowhere to be seen, there is no way out. She first finds. Gungan. Radha comes, opens the cupboard, then.

 Gungan is inside, Gungan is shocked, Gungan faints, Radha calls all the family members, all the family members come, I feel bad, Radha and Mohan get married. Damini gets frustrated in her intentions, everyone in the family is very happy, Gungan is also very happy, Radha and Moh. The two become one

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