Radha Mohan today 26 sep full episode online HD

In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Radha and Mohan are going home from their honeymoon and Mohan is going to Bihar for some work, but Damani sees Mohan on the way and Damani gets into an accident with Mohan's car. Accident of bahut bura Hota Hai.

 Damini ka bahut Khoon Bah Raha Hota Hai Mohan Jab Jakar Dekhta Hai To Damini use Nazar Aati Hai Mohan Damini ko Hospital Le Jata Hai Mohan Sab Gharwalon Ko phone karta hai and everyone tells all the family also the doctor.

 in the hospital They reach and say that it is very difficult to save Dhamni. Mohan says that Damni's accident happened with my car. If anything happens to Damni, I will never forgive myself. I go alone, Damini is crying, all the family.

 members say that now we will take Damini to our house. She will stay in our house, will Damani now go to Mohan's house again? Hat is happy, Damini is happy because I have not done anything, luck has not supported me and see.

 I am at home. Damini pretends to be Achi now she is good with all the family also apologizes to Radha saying forgive me for whatever I have done Damini accepts Radha and she agrees with him. Damani is acting like a


 stereotype. Damini says that now I am a good weaver, I will do my work purely. Sakti Damani makes a show of her acting Damini cares a lot for all the family members She also cares a lot for Gungan O tries to spoil Radha's work Gungan gets fever Gungan hum.

 da goti rahwa. Radha takes medicine and goes to take water, but Damini comes to Gungan's room, she changes the medicine, but Radha doesn't know, she gives this medicine to Gungan. And the tab will be damaged. Mohan will throw Radha out of the house and everyone.

 in the house will be away from Radha. She also wants Mohan and Radha's truck caravan. Bad Gungan's condition becomes very bad, all the family members are worried to see that suddenly Gungun's condition has deteriorated, even then Damani says that.

 Radha did not invite Gungun. Bahut Kharab Ho Gai Hai Mohan says to Radha give me the medicine which you just gave to Gungan Radha goes to take that medicine She comes with a dawa and shows Mohan the medicine Hope it was 

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