Radha Mohan today 27 September full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hota Hai, Damini is acting like a good person.  While she is cooking, there is one per Damani. Damani tries to set fire to Radha.  Damini is trying to hide and sets fire to Radha's dupatta. Damini sets fire to Radha's dupatta and disappears from there.  Radha's hand.

 gets very burnt. Radha can't even do any work. Damini takes care of us. Damini does pure housework.  Damini tries to kill Gungan Damani tries to kill Gungan with Chucko  Damani says to Gungan that it's a matter of fact that you.

 didn't do the same. Gungan is very scared when she goes home from school.  They get very upset after seeing Tab Damini says to the family that there is no such thing, only Gungan has stopped.  She does not go to Radha, she is from.

 Radha. Damani burns Gungan's hand and Damani says to Gungan that when everyone in the family asks, you have to say that Radha did not burn your hand.  All the family members are very angry about who has burned your hand.

 and who has burned it. Tab Gungan takes Radha's name. Someone has not burned my hand. All the family members do not talk about Gungan. Who can do such a thing to Radha?  Baat loves her and she can even give her life for


 Gungan. Radha can't do that.  Saka has not burned Radha's hand, then all this will have to be true. She talks to Gungan that Gungan has not burned your hands, it's been so long, I don't even have you, what's wrong with me, why are you telling lies, Damni says.  Radha, you .

are hiding your truth from Gungan. Gungan says to Radha that you are the one who burnt my hand. All the Sankars blame Radha. Mohan does not blame Radha. Mohan loves Gungan very much.  Radha is very worried that there is someone who can say this to.

 Gungan.  live in.  baithungi main sinchai Ka Pata Laga kar Rahungi Tulsi Ko Sab Pata Hota Hai Tulsi Har Jagah Sab Kuchh Dekh Rahi Hoti Hai Tulsi Damini ko Marne Lag Jaati Hai Tulsi Nazar to nahin Aati Kyunki vah Mar chuki hai Prabhu Damini ko bahut hai is celebrated.

  She comes to know that Tulsi is present here. She tells Tulsi to stop, son, don't hit like that and why are you hitting like that, it has become good for you, since now it has changed itself. Radha is suspicious.  Damini can never change. She says that Damini must have burned me because of .

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