Radha Mohan today 28 September full episode online HD

 Drama serial Radha Mohan Main Yeh hota hai ki Radha is cooking in the kitchen, then Damani goes there.  When they eat, there is a lot of name in the food, everyone in the family praises Radha. Damani is happy to see all this.  Radha gets suspicious and asks Damini that she added.

 salt in the food. Damini lies and says why would I do that, I didn't. She says I was in the kitchen to love you, what do I know?  Radha says I know you have done all this, forget it. Radha becomes very clever now. She says I am infatuated.  ko Nuksan pahunchane ki koshish.

 ki to main usse mar dalungi Radha Damini ko Kahati Hai Ki Agar Ab Tumne Kuchh karne ki koshish ki to main Tumhen Nahin  chorougi Damini Radha Ka Yah Damini Hai Rawahati Kahati I forgot what happened to Radha now, she is marrying Mohan, it has started to burn on Havan, 

Damini says that very soon I will separate you from Mohan.  Everyone in the house is quiet. Everyone in the house is very disturbed by the sound of Gungan. Radha is also very disturbed by the sound of Gungan. Damini makes her acting noisy.  It happened because.

 of the housekeeper, now Radha believes her use, she wanted to take care of Gungan. She says that Radha is busy with her work, she doesn't even pay attention to Gungan.  If you didn't want to take care of Gungan, you would have told us, we will keep it ourselves. Mohan.

 says that Radha cares a lot about Gungan.  Radha's praise is not lost from Mohan's mind, but Mohan and Radha's anger is a way to destroy Gangan.  They go for the dirty gun, they take Gun with them, Gungan faints, Gun is gun, Gungan starts making noise, the goons

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 cover Gungan's mouth, even then Damani's phone goes to the goons, Gungan everything.  It's late, the gangsters are calling Damani's name, Gungan comes to know that Damani has been kidnapped, Radha and Mohan are worried, they are cheating Gungan, but Radha sees Gungan's dupatta, Radha Gungan.  Seeing.

 that dupatta, she is very tired. She says, Gungan, where is this simple? It is on Gungan's shoes. Mohan says, I think we want to see more Chalkars.  And there is a small house per Radha and Mohan go to the house. There is a sound of some goons from inside the house. Radha.

 and Mohan do not see anything from inside.  Charni tries to seduce Charni above. Radha goes upstairs. When Radha looks from above, she looks a bit naughty and dumb.  Radha starts crying seeing Gungan. Radha tells Mohan that our Gungan is inside, we don't have.

 to go inside. Radha and Mohan are trying to find a way to go inside.  Not even a small door is visible. Radha and Mohan go inside. Mohan beats up the goons. Radhaji opens the door. Gangan tells Radha and Mohan that the goons are talking to Damani.  The goons are calling Damani's name, Radha and Mohan Donon are thinking that Damani is not kidnapping Gungan. Gungan is telling the truth. They take Gungan home.

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