Radha Mohan today 11 Oct full episode online HD

 Drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh hota hai Mohan has to go to Bihar to meet someone Mohan ki Min says that son you are going by the way, why don't you take Radha with you too When Damani hears this, Damani  Damani says that no matter what happens, I will not let Radha go, she is someone who belongs to me, Radha can't go with Mohan.  Who can take Radha? Mohan.

 asks why not. Radha will go to Zarur. There is no talk of Damini at home. Saint Mohan and Radha are preparing to go. Damini says that I don't want to take Radha.  Damini plans something to stop Radha. Damini is going to kidnap Radha's grandmother. Damini tells the goons.

 to kill Radha's grandmother. She doesn't want to live. The goons pass the phone after kidnapping Radha's grandmother.  Radha is nowhere to be found from Gaon's father. This Sankar starts crying and Radha gets very worried. Mohan sees Radha crying and asks what happened.

 Radha.  Hati says Dadi is nowhere to be found. Mohan says that you are not worried. We will not take it. Damani says that Mohan has a flight with you and wants to go with you.  I cancel, he says I am with Radha, I will not steal now. Wow, he says Radha is with me in every music, so why am I not with Radha? 

 Damani says to Mohan that I am going with you, Radha, what are you doing there?  Mohan says to Damani that Radha needs you all. Mohan says that I am forced to go, but you all have to take care of Radha. Radha goes to the village to meet her grandmother.  Daadi is .

 fogged up everywhere, but his grandma is not found.  Kari is happy that Radha didn't go with Mohan, Damini says that I am mine, Mohan and Radha will never be together.  ki Dadi ko Mar de Vah Gunde Radha ki Dadi ko Mar Dete Hain Radha ki Dadi Mar Jaati hai Radha apni Dadi ko Dhundh Rahiund hoti bhate Radha is very.

 worried Mohan is not with Radha Radha is very lonely Radha  At night, she is cheating her grandmother. A car passes by. There are some goons in the car. They make a fool of themselves and drive away Radha's grandmother. When Radha sees her grandmother, she cries a lot.  Dadi gets killed, Radha can't bear.

 this shock, Radha cries a lot and we don't even learn, then she goes to Damini, Damini also starts to pretend with Radha.  Dadi is taken home when the family members come to know that Dadi has been killed  They are trying to take care of Radha, then Mohan also goes. When Mohan finds out that grandmother has.

 been killed, he is also very worried. He is thinking that it will be Radha's.  All the family members are also very sad. They can't see Radha. Damini is very happy. Damini always wants this.  Ki Radha now your laughing days are gone and now your crying days are gone Damini succeeds in her plan.

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