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 In the drama Kundali Bhagya, it happened that Arjun still hates Preeta and Rishabh, he still doesn't understand that the use of UNDON is bad. Tortured and beaten, he still loves Preeta Reshma and the family. He wants to take revenge.

 from them. How many times have the family members doubted that this is our ray. He does such actions as if his ray was cut. They do such actions. Asme still didn't tell me that I'm hot. Arjun is living in the same house and his.

 daughter got into trouble once. Opened it, all the family members doubted that this is our Kiran and everyone questioned you, who knows who you are, where did you come from, you are our Kiran. Kai bar iski man Ne Kaha Ki Tum.

 Karan Ho Baap ko Bhi Shak Hua Ki Tum Karo Isane Ek Bar Reham ko Marwane ki koshish ki Reham Ka tried to fake the accident and Prithvi found out the truth. It has to be said that their new enemy has come, he tried to shake .

 hands with Arjun and we both are in the same difficulty of trying to form a partnership. Subak teaches Prithvi when he calls Preeta's name and teases Arjun and uses Arjun's per hand. Use hurts a lot and Arjun still loves Preeti. No.

 then M loves Preeta neither he says this to Prithvi no he is my enemy and I want to kill him then he doesn't partner with Prithvi he doesn't get along with Prithvi then Prithvi makes a new mansuba he is Lena. He tries to find evidence that he can.

 see and expose Arjuna, so he wants to take money from Arjuna or else he threatens him that I will show you evidence. And Preet also always tries to get close to Preeta, tries to pass and Arjun keeps his eye on Usha, he doesn't let Usha.

 go to Preeta. Preeta is going to her daughter's school. He is followed by Preeta in the bra Prithvi and he studies in school until the teacher sends Preeta to the library to get some books. Arjun.

 wants to go to Preeta, but Arjun finds out that Prithvi is with Preksha somewhere, but he doesn't. Preeta goes to the library. library Mein a jata hai and vah sees prithvi he beats prithvi teaches subak

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