Radha Mohan today full episode online HD

 Radha Mohan 12th September Full Episode Online HDZ Tv.

  In the story of the show Zee TV, you are going to see the log, Radha will be very happy to hear Mohan's mother's words, because Radha Samaj rahi hoti to Mohan and Mohan's mother's words, because Mohan tells his mother.

 not to marry. I can say why Radha is still innocent but Mohan doesn't know Radha also loves Mohan very much and wants Mohan from her heart but this thing keeps bothering Damani all the .

 time Mohan loves Damani but Kadu Yani's Mohan Damani She says goodbye to me that I will marry you with Mohan, but now Kadu also feels that Damani is not a match for Mohan, so Kadu says to


 Damani that Gun loves Radha, I have decided why not Radha and Mohan. Gungan like Doon will also be happy to get married and my Mohan will also fall in love with her but Kadu doesn't know.

 that Dam Nai has no time to get Mohan. No dam, but Damani's mother stops Damani and Damani's mother says to Damani, you are heavenly, aren't we already very happy with your voice. Damini says.

 to her mother that I am trying my best to get Mohan, but Mohan is not answering me. Bahut hi Budhia Planning Karvati Hui Dikhai Degi Jisse Kaddu Yani ke Mohan ki Mom Damini ki Baton Mein.

 Aati Hui Dikhai Degi kyunki dam ne status hi aisi create karegi jisse kaddu ko lagega main damini ke sath galat k kar da hoya karwati will work you guys I want to tell in the comment box why Radha.

 is trying her best from all over the world to tell Mohan what is in her heart, but Radha's every effort seems to be in vain because Radha and Mohan will never be one.

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