Bhagya Lakshmi Today 11 Oct full episode online HD

In serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV you guys are going to see Lakshmi getting angry with Rishi after seeing Rishi with Malaysia In Jee Haan Dostone Wale episode you are going to see Log Balvinder also in Obra Parivar Me Balvinder . dhokha deta Hua dikhai dega Kyunki Malaysia Balvinder ki insult.

 Karti Hai jiski vajah se Balvinder Malaysia se bahut hi gussa Hota Hai and Malaysia Ko bolata Hai Yad Rakhna Tumne Mere Sath Achcha nahin kiya tumne use me sajahia s Lakhijami you will surely get and you will get his saja No one else will give it to Balwinder. Yes, friends. Balwinder will appear to have taken.

 his revenge from Malaysia. Why is Balwinder? The whole planning has been done. By kidnapping Rishi, Balwinder has to be released. And on the other hand, Malaysia will appear. has also decided that this time she will keep Rishi with her because Malaysia has told her friend Sonia that now I will not let Rishi .

 go to Lakshmi because as soon as Rishi is with Lakshmi, he will forget me. Yes, but now I won't let Rishi speak. So Lakshmi told Shalu her excuse Will you stay together with Rishi Jeju Pyahoo I don't care Rishi seems like this is all on purpose yes friends then Shalu says to her sister Lakshmi Rishi Jeju is not like.

 this surely it is Manisha's. There will be a plan and you will love Rishi. Rishi is also thinking that Lakshmi is mad at me, but Rishi also knows the sound of Lakshmi's anger. In fact, Rishi himself is mad at Lakshmi because Rishi wants to. Lakshmi me e Rishi I love you so much and I can't see you with anyone else but Lakshmi won't do anything like that because Lakshmi loves Rishi and they all know this don't friends fall with Malaysia. We will love you in the comment section

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