Bhagya Lakshmi today 13th Oct Episode hd

 In today's interesting show Bhagilakshmi, you will see Balvinder with his friend Guddu.  sath Kafi romantic Hota Hua dikhai Dega Aap Logon Ko Kyunki Rishi Jab Malaysia se baat kar raha happens then Lakshmi doesn't like it at all and gets angry with ISI even then Rishi has a lot of concern about Lakshmi, look at me Lakshmi.

  Even then Aayush Aayush has to say to his brother Rishi, was it necessary to go to Malaysia, Rishi brother, may heaven be with you, Lakshmi loves you, then you will not pay anyone before you.  Yes, but Rishi speaks to his brother. Now I don't care. Tell me who should I talk to .

 Lakshmi, why is she not going to speak to me? Even then, he speaks to his brother.  Talk to Shalo why only Shalo can keep her word. To talk Jeehan friend Rishi will show Shalo walking back and forth.  It will be seen, but the use is seen by Sonia, even then it is applied to Sonia. It.

 is an experienced person, but not a waiter.  Why take Balvendra Rishi along with him?  Why Balwinder is doing all this because Balwinder wants Lakshmi and to pin Lakshmi Balwinder can go to any lengths to save Lakshmi after taking Rishi away from his wedding.  It.

 will be seen that even when Balvendra hides Rishi, Lakshmi Rishi will show Rishi poking but Rishi Tab is unconscious why Balvendra has made Rishi unconscious.  No, but Lakshmi is close to Rishi's heart. Lakshmi is feeling strange for Rishi. She gets angry and Lakshmi thinks.

 that Rishi's life is in danger.  I can't get it, will you help me to get rid of Rishi? Even then, Ayush says to Lakshmi.  Something is going to go wrong with Rishi, then Aayush tells his sister-in-law Lakshmi, you talk like that, talk, nothing will happen to Rishi.  Will see the show Zee TV

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