Bhagya Lakshmi Today 14 Oct full episode online HD

 In Bhagyalakshmi Show Zee TV you guys are going to see Rishi fighting with Lakshmi why Lakshmi will be seen complaining about Rishi with Neelam you show the logon why Rishi is speeding to burn Lakshmi. . You guys will see Lakshmi as very big and Lakshmi will be seen hunting Rishi with Neelam. You guys will be seen.

 as Neelam very happy. Aayush will be seen insulting the mother over coffee and on the other side Aayush is also talking with Shalu, even then Neha goes to Aayush and proposes, which makes Shalo very happy. She loves him, but she is ashamed to tell Ayush, but Neha will show her sacrifice when she wakes up. Pagal is.

 after money, she wants her place in Parivar, but Aayush will be seen ignoring Neha, as she calls Neha very loudly. Hey you calm down I am talking to Shalu I am heavenly Aayush ignores you with Shalu's voice what will happen but B I don't take away this jeda why ko samjha dungi vah tumhara darmiyan will never


 come and on the other hand Aahna will be quite sad to see her brother Rishi because Aahna loves her brother Rishi very much and insulting her brother is a true one. It's not the case, you will see Jasmin Anna, Neelam is saying to aunty, you didn't want to talk to Rishi like that, you know that Rishi loves you a lot, in fact, he respects.

 you a lot. Rishi has been told a lot of things. Yes, friends, Neelam says to Anna, you are still a child, you don't know anything, you go to your room, I am in paradise, what should I do, you stay away from the conversation, then it is good that Neelam is seen as aunty. Degi will see you guys going to your room feeling sad to come and you guys will see very soon the interesting show on Zee TV why we share every new update of Zee TV on our site and Thank you for visiting my site

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