Bhagya Lakshmi Today jan 27 th full episode Hd

 In the upcoming episode of Bhagya Lakshmi serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Balwinder finally replaces his friend, you will see Balwindar comes to Abra Parivar with the sound of kidnapping Rishi.  decides to but Guddu will be seen deceiving Balwinder as Guddu finds out about Rishi's nakedness.  Why is Guddu's mother Janati, this Balwinder is not a good person,

so she tells her son.

 to stay away from Balwinder so that you don't do anything wrong by interfering with Balwinder's words.  Friends Balwinder will be seen calling Guddu on the call but Guddu doesn't pick Balwinder's call as Karan gets angry with Balwinder and Balwinder's eyes fall on Lakshmi even then he doesn't let go.

 of Balwinder and goes to Lakshmi.  Hey friends, Shalo is also watching her sister Lakshmi from a distance.  So Rishi is saying to his brother Aayush that Balvendra is here Kuch Na Kuch To Baat To Shadi Mata Hai hai use Din Khane the mess that happened was Balvendra's doing because Balvendra .

 is always after Lakshmi and whatever  It's going wrong, it's Karan, this is Balwinder.  Even Balwinder will not have the answer because Malaysia is behind all of them.  I'm going to be with the guards and you too will end up behind the bars of the jail.  Gassa will also come and show you washing Balwinder well, in.

which you people do not come to remember you in making Balwinder, otherwise I will cut

the Shalo and ask Lakshmi Rishi to go away from Balwinder.  And she will say to Rishi, you leave Balwinder and let him use you. Why does Lakshmi love her sister so much?  Ki Balvinder has a lot to say to Rishi, but Malaysia runs away from him. Yes, friends, now Aayush.  You will also be seen taunting Milkar Balwinder along with his brother

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