Bhagya Lakshmi Today 15 th Oct full episode online HD

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Update episode will show aap logon when malaysia talk to balwinder on phone tab balwinder says to malaysia me tumhari jururat thi se main temuhin ki thi kein malaysia you call me not pick up call you don't do it. It's a big mistake from Malaysia, I'm insulting you. Can do anything for the sake of and the day.

 Balwinder goes to Rishi's hands, your truth will be one with the FIR and family members. This friend along with Karan is Balwinder's friend who hears all this and goes and informs Balwinder as Karan Balwinder will be very angry. Lakshmi worries but this time Balvendra is going to go after Rishi as Rishi raises Balvendra's hand.

 which makes Balvendra not very happy with Rishi's voice. Diga Balwinder will tell you and your friend that Malaysia is not good for messing with me, why is it necessary for Malaysia to go against me? . uska pyar chhin lunga malaysia loves rishi when rishi is no more what is malaysia to do jee han friends see karisma and runon fighting


 from the other side because you love logon ko bilkul bhi acchi nahin lagti Karishma Neha se bahut Nafrat Karti Hai Jaise hi Neha Karishma Ke Samne Jaati Hai To Karishma apni beti Sonia ke sath Milkar Neha ke insult Karti Hai jiski v From today Ranun gets a lot of anger, Ranun will be seen coming out of her anger Karishma and others On.

 the other hand, Lakshmi will show her aunt running away from Karisma. Ap Logon, why should Lakshmi dare to respect him? Yah Sab Kar Rahi Hoti Hai Dusri Taraf Se Reshi Lakshmi ko Apne Mom ke hami tokhimni is making a request please forgive Lakshmi Yes friends Karishma will be seen walking away from Ranan by obeying her son.

 Rishi's request. Say Shalo Ayush to people who see him Your mother is very alive. I don't know. Mother never. Whenever she sees my family, she starts quarreling with them. Where friend Ayush will say to Shalo. They say that a big problem will arise from seeing it.

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