Bhagya Lakshmi Today 16 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Malishka says that she was trying to get out of the house by one sister, now there is another excuse. Shalu gets married to Aayush and Malishka then Laxmi to Rishi. It has become very difficult to go away. Malishka says that now I don't have to leave.

 the house for one sister, I have to leave for Donon excuses, both of them have to leave the house in my life. Siva and no one can stay in the house. Malishka says that it is very difficult to get out of these two excuses, but it is very important.

 to get out. Malishka goes and says I have to do both of them excuses to leave the house, then an ID comes in Malishka's mind. Malishka tries to trap Shalu. sab bata deti hai Malishka aws larke ko Shalu ke she gives the address of the house.

 Larka Malishka ke Kahane per Sab Kuch Bol Dete Hain Jo Kuch malishka usko Kahate Hain vah Shalu ke bare mein kahbolata vah Malishka anything to get the two excuses out of the house. Sakthi goes to Rishi's house, he tells


 lies against Shalu in front of all the family members. She tells him that he is saying everything, he is lying, he is trying to trick Shalo. Ta Hai He tells everything Donon Ek Dusre ko Pasand Karte The Aur Vah Donon Ek Dusre Se Shadi karna.

 Chahte The Vah Yah Sab Kuchh Ayush Ke Samne Bhi Bata Raha Hota Hai Vahan per Aayush Bhi Maujud Hota Hai Sab Ghar Wale Maujud Hote Hain Sab Rakeen log and S now use the log. Suraj is talking about Larkey. Shalo is very.

 worried. Shalo starts crying. Shalo says to Aayush that I didn't expect this from you. This guy is telling lies. I don't know him. Shalo says to Aayush that I didn't expect this from you, you are not focusing on me, you are focusing on the boy's words. Maleesh 

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