Bhagya Lakshmi Today 16 th Oct full episode hd

In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagyam Yeh Hawa Hai, Maleshka always tries to separate Rishi and Lakshmi, and she always gets frustrated.  I am fed up with myself and whenever I try to do something, it turns out that what I want to do will make Rishi and Lakshmi go away.  Nikal dega Maleshka starts thinking what to use, still an idea comes in Maleshka's mind.  If she does, then why don't I get to the bottom of her voice, whose voice makes.

 Lakshmi very worried. Is Tara Lakshmi going to forget Rishi for some time? She will go after her excuse. Malishka kidnapped Lakshmi's excuse.  Karva is late, Malishka pays some goon to do it, Milko hooks up with Maikshi and Lakshmi starts cheating on her sister.  Y-Tab I will get a chance for Rishi, I will take my own path, in front of Malishka's plane, the goons kidnap Lakshmi's excuse, all the housemates are on Shalo, Aayush and.

 Lakshmi are also chasing him.  Lakshmi is very worried about her sister's voice, she is also teasing her sister along with everyone, Rishi also stays with everyone because Rishi is trying to cheat her, so I told Rishi.  Apne taraf

kse karon Maleshka ko gasta ek raha hota hai. Balesh says Rishi is still thinking about Saraf Lakshmi's nakedness.  They use milker together, it starts to get foggy, even then Malishka says that I should never get Rishi with this tara.  Jaenge.

 Maleshka pretends to be intoxicated. Rishi's man says to Rishi that you will go home with Maleshka. Maleshka says that  As I wanted, it is happening to me, Rishi is going to steal my house. When Rishi sees Lakshmi Prashant, he thinks that I can't steal Lakshmi even in this condition.  I help me so when Lakshmi is me in the music why shouldn't I do it Rishi says to Aayush that you take Malishka home o and I with Lakshmi I with Lakshmi try to beat Milkar.

 Shalo all home.  They say that it is okay, Aayush, you too go home and take some rest, you too will be able to talk about Shalo's words.  Don't worry, all the family members are trying to console Aayush. Malishka has been very upset by this hybrid. Aayush is not going to use Rishi. Aayush goes home with Malishka.  Hai Malishka says whenever I try to get Rishi, this Lakshmi does something which makes Rishi go to Lakshmi and I will not be.

 in Himisha.  Maleshka can't do anything. She eats. She doesn't know what spell Lakshmi has put on Rishi. Rishi doesn't even see Lakshmi's Shiva. Rishi and Lakshmi also get Shalo. They are talking to the goons. On the way, Rishi and  Lakshmi sees Shalu, they take Shalu home, Malishka is very happy to see Shalu, everyone else in the house is very happy to see Shalu.  Can't remove

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