Bhagya Lakshmi Today 17 th Oct full episode hd

In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Lakshmi from Yeh Hawa Hai pays attention to the house as well as the AB office as Rishi's father gives his chair to Lakshmi.  Malishka says that I wanted to make Lakshmi fall in the eyes of the family, but with Lakshmi's Ahmad Iyar, she has become a spring in the eyes of the family.  Lakshmi is not able to handle.

 the chair. Malishka goes to Lakshmi. She says to Lakshmi, what is wrong with you?  If you got the chair, you are happy. Malishka says I am saying goodbye to you.  Lakshmi says I want to stay away from Malishka. Lakshmi says Malishka I need a file to write from the important.

 office to write a good thing. She is very important in the files.  Malishka says that this is real death. To make Lakshmi look good, Lakshmi goes to her room to keep those files. Lakshmi is left behind. Malishka is watching everything.  One goes to Lakshmi's room, Maleshka


 takes all the files, Maleshka goes and hides the files, when everyone sees Lakshmi, the file is not there, the file is there.  Lakshmi starts crying. Lakshmi says that Baba did not give me this task to be so single on me and I  Sagi Lakshmi is very worried about not working. Lakshmi tells.

 all the family members that they are not getting those files. All the family members are angry with Lakshmi.  Chahithi Rishi also begins to admire Lakshmi. He says that I did not expect this from you.  They are telling Lakshmi and still Aayush says that instead of telling Lakshmi.

 Bhabhi, those files should be deleted.  Malishka is happy and says Lakshmi, I always want to see you crying like ISI. Malishka is laughing seeing all this, then Aayush tells Malishka what to do.  All this will not happen to Malishka and these files will be with Malishka.  is trying to hide the files in K's camera and those files are found in Malishka's camera.  Zaroor will have met with my work, Maleshka says.

 that now she will tell all the family members my name, but Aayush does not do that, Ayush does not tell the truth to all family members, Ayush says that all family members should not talk about me, there is no evidence about me.  No, in which all this is all done by Malishka, but Aayush talks to Malishka, he has to tell 

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