Bhagya Lakshmi Today 17 th Oct full episode hd

 Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV Main Aap Lug Gana Jahan Hai Malaysia Says To His Mother How Did I Take The Pen Drive From Balvinder With Which He Was Blackmailing Me Jee Haan Friends Curfew  By listening  You will appear to Logon and your daughter will speak to Malaysia. It is very good of you to.

 write pen drive. You don't know how much trouble Balwinder could have created for you.  Neelam also goes there and tells Karan what are you talking about and why are you taking Balwinder's name, you guys know that Balwinder is not a human being, why are you remembering.

 Balwinder?  Hey friends, Malaysia will also be very sad to see Neelam, because Malaysia is hiding the truth from Neelam, but the truth will come with Neelam.  I didn't expect it. Karan is a girl from Malaysia. You are wiser than you. You should not have supported


 her. Whatever is happening today, my daughter has done it to you.  has gone against Lakshmi and sided with your daughter Manisha and I used to hate Lakshmi all the time even it was no fault of hers yes guys now before Neelam opens her eyes fans in the clutches of Rishi Balvendra  Why is Balvendra.

 Rishi hidden in the upper Parivar, which will make Lakshmi appear to be burning?  Kashmi tells Rishi about writing about writing.Daudi comes to Neelam and says to Neelam have you seen Rishi somewhere Tab Neelam says to Lakshmi forgive me son please forgive me Lakshmi talk to Neelam.  I don't understand why.

 Lakshmi has a daughter to cheat Rishi and says to Manisha, so help me to cheat Rishi, why Rishi is not looking anywhere for a long time, my heart is very worried that no, I don't feel with Rishi.  han doston Malaysia listening to Lakshmi will be seen supporting Lakshmi and you guys will see very soon.

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