Bhagya Lakshmi Today 18 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to keep Lakshmi and Rishi Dunon away forever. A glass of water falls from her hand. Sonia starts to pass by. Her foot slips and she falls. Sonia feels small. Lakshmi is shocked to see this. Malishka also goes there one by one. What the hell is this, you.

 have tried to bring down Sonia on purpose. All the housemates go to the car. Malishka's UN Sabko also says that Lakshmi didn't think about it all. Lakshmi starts crying along with everyone. Lakshmi says I didn't do all this why will I do it on purpose. Lakshmi says I was just working and the glass of water fell from.

 my hand. Sonia Min didn't do all this on purpose. Rishi tells Sonia in her room. He takes all the family members to their own room then there per Malishka goes to Sonia's room Malishka is turning Sonia against her lover again Malishka eats Sonia that you believe or not mano Lakshmi. What is wrong with you Lakshmi has tried to kill you herself Malishka.

 is talking to Sonia like this Queen is talking to Sonia like this Malishka wants Sonia to visit me again and get rid of both of us Milkar Rishi or Lakshmi. Sonia doesn't agree with Malishka. The water had fallen and I fell. Lakshmi didn't do all this while bending over. When Malishka


 hears this, Malishka eats. She doesn't want to hear anything against Lakshmi from you. They don't want to hear anything against her. Malishka says that there is nothing. Sonia is not listening to me now, but Lakshmi is talking to all the family members. They will not even want to see Lakshmi's face. Malishka.

 says that she will keep all the family members away from Lakshmi in Ista-Ista. Malishka comes and pretends to be sick. All the family members think that she is very old. Maleshka says that my tabit is not right, Malishka starts acting. Te Hai Malishka says that's why I am speaking. She Malishka says that you are one Sakti with my summon. Then Rishi's man says to.

 Lakshmi that you bring Malishka's Saman. Jani Lakhi Lakshi is coming from home to take the summon. Malishka goes and all this plan happens. Malishka sends Lakshmi away from home by plane. Malishka calls some goons. To do everything, Malishka enlists the help of the UN goons. The goons reach Lakshmi after.

 Malishka's ship, they don't take time to harass Lakshmi. Sakti All the family members are very disturbed by Lakshmi's voice, on the other hand, Malishka is making a place for herself in the hearts of all the family members, Malishka starts doing all the housework, Malishka is trying to show the family members Yah, Malishka is Lakshmi's. In her presence, she is taking 

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