Bhagya Lakshmi Today 19 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hawa Hai, Maleshka tries to separate Laxmi and Rishi Don. In Maleshka, she can never see Don together. They say that there is no happiness in our house, so we should have a small party at home. Everyone in the family gets very happy. Everyone in the family is preparing for.

 a party. Both Rishi and Lakshmi are very happy. She can see that Malishka has been a very bad person. Malishka leaves from there and goes to her work. Malishka says I can never see these two together. Malishka says that Lakshmi should be happy with Rishi by choosing my.

 happiness. Malishka says that I will not let Lakshmi be happy too. Malishka is thinking. Maleshka steals a necklace from Rishi's mother to keep in Lakshmi's room when everyone checks out. Malishka will get the necklace from Lakshmi's roommate Malishka is doing this with her whole plan. Malishka steals the necklace.

 from Rishi's man's room. If you put it in Lakshmi's room, when Lakshmi goes at night, Malishka goes to Lakshmi's room, she puts the necklace in Lakshmi's room. To keep it in Lakshmi's room, Malishka

accidentally picks up another necklace and puts it in Lakshmi's room. He rarely goes to Rishi's country. Rishi's man.

 makes a noise in the house. She says that my necklace was so expensive. She is not getting it. Malishka says that this time I will make Lakshmi fall in front of all the family members. Rishi's Chapter Rishi Ki says to Maan that it will happen at home. Har Rishi's Maan says I saw it in my room, I am not meeting even then Maleshka Rishi's Maan. Koo says that you.

 all might be seeing in household chores, but Malishka is happy. He meets his roommate. When Rishi's man comes, Malishka gets angry that who could it be. Malishka says that I kept this necklace in the room. Malishka says who got this necklace from my roommate. Maleshka is very upset. Maleshka says what will happen to me now? What was.

 Maaleeshka doing in your room? Maleshka starts crying. Rishi says that this necklace was in your room, so what should we think of it? Everyone in the family says that what was this necklace doing in your work. She goes and starts telling false stories in the eyes of all the family, Malishka falls on her own. Malishka is thinking all this for Lakshmi. Maleshka goes to Bhari per se

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