Bhagya Lakshmi Today 19 Oct full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi show on Zee TV, you are going to see Balwinder, when he is going to make Rishi unconscious, Balwinder is seen by Rishi's friend and says to Balwinder, where are you

taking Rishi's head? They're good and you're making a big deal out of them, Balondar I won't let you do that. Yes, my friend, Balondar says, 'You get out of my way, you.

 don't know me. . Why should I bow my old snake from your Rishi's head? Because Rishi has taken my love away from me and today I will take Rishi's life. Balvinder ki Shikayat Karta Hua Dikhai Dega Aap Logon Ko Lekin Balvinder Kuchh Aisa Karta Hai Jiski vajah se Lakshmi Ka Dhyan Balvinder per Jata hi Nahin Aur


 Balvinder Rishi ko Wahan se nikal le Main kamyab h Oh goes when Lakshmi goes back that man Lakshmi gets worried and says to Aayush that something is wrong which is not visible and on the other hand the Malaysian iron man Koffi the Koffi will be shown playing Balwinder game with Malaysia in which Malaysia.

 is playing with Balwinder. Wu asks for a pin drive which contains evidence against Malaysia but Balwinder also gives a pen drive. has not been good to me has made me crazy mom i didn't leave balvinder friends from here on karan see his daughter balvinder tumhare liye khatra bankar ghoom raha.

 and you have to win because balvinder se dur raho aur tumhare dad ne bhi Tumse Kaha Tha Ky Tum Isase Dur Rahana Lekin Tumne Apne What's so big about not listening to Dad? If Malaysia had listened to your father's words, we wouldn't have to see this day and Balwinder wouldn't have done this to us. She is also seen driving by hand. Logon why that pen drive is now going to come into Lakshmi's hands from which Lakshmi gets it will be visible to you Logon

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