Bhagya Lakshmi Today 20 Oct Episode hd

 You see in Bhagilakshmi Zee TV when Rishi is taken with her, Malaysia is also trying to contact Balwinder, but Balwinder ignores Malaysia will come and ask his mother to call me. Wanted to accept father's words, didn't want to trust me on these two caudi's blondes, mom please do anything to me baby love ji han dosto karan rest with your daughter from now.

 on. What time is the courage to rest? If you are a star and you are a star, everyone will doubt you when they see you and I don't want anyone to doubt you. Jaati Hui Dikhai Degi Aap Logon Ko Jaise hi Malaysia goes to her room even then Malaysia belongs to Sonia because Sonia is a very good friend of Malaysia and Malaysia shares everything with Sonia but hai bar.

 Malaysia Sonia to Balwinder She will not talk to Manisha when Sonia will look at Manisha and say what happened, Malaysia, why are you looking

so worried? Even then, Malaysia will say to Sonia, why is she not seen with you because of your brother Rishi and Manisha? I am trying to contact you but my call is not picking.

 up then Sonia will call and tell malaysia juror rishi will be with bhai lakshmi why they don't let lakshmi rishi away from themselves jise sunkar malaysia and also gusse mein react karti hui dikhai degi aap logon Ko jise Karishma dekh kar Malaysia se Kahegi Kya B achpana hai Sonia Tum Malaysia ko samjhao ki.

 badon Ke Samne Aise React Nahin karte ji han somne ​​hai malaisha es react Vakat is very worried about Rishi bhai because Rishi bhai is with Lakshmi and Rishi also remembers Lakshmi from traveling around the world. Why is Rishi not with Lakshmi and not with his family? Balvendra has kidnapped Rishi and Balvendra wants to kill Rishi, but Rishi Balvendra's plan will not work. Logon why Rishi now seems to be meeting his family because Balvendra thinks Rishi will never meet his family.

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