Bhagya Lakshmi 30 th jan full episode online HD

 This happened in drama drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Maleshka always wants to get rid of both Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka says that no matter what happens, I will not let this opportunity slip away. Malishka says that I will kill Lakshmi on the day of Diwali. I try to do something together, but Lakshmi is saved that what should I do this time, Malishka starts thinking. She.

 is waiting for Rishi to leave. When Rishi leaves, Malishka goes to Lakshmi's work. Malishka starts flirting with Lakshmi. All the family members are praising Lakshmi, so we are talking about Malishka, she can't bear all this. Malishka says that Lakshmi has become one with all the family members and all the family.

 members are also doing her tariq. It is not difficult for Lakshmi to meet all the guests. And Malishka says I can't bear all this. Malishka says I can't see her as Lakshmi. I won't let Lakshmi go for guests. To be done, Lakshmi is going and Malishka knocks Lakshmi with her feet, Lax falls on the same place and Lakshmi.

 feels small, Lakshmi can't even walk, so all the family members are very worried, all the family members say that This was supposed to happen to you today, Rishi Lakshmi. Now Lakshmi can't go outside because Lakshmi can't even walk. Everyone in the family says to Lakshmi that you should rest at home now.

 Malishka gets very happy. In the end, I have to do this. I will succeed in my intention. I succeeded in my plan. Finally, Malishka stopped Lakshmi from leaving. Khati hai mein kya tara rishi ko bhi lakshmi si chin lingi and this lakshmi is nothing to milshka. Malishka says I always wanted Rishi to always be with me and today Rishi will celebrate Diwali with .

 me. Malishka is very happy. Malishka wants Spring. She is enjoying Diwali and all the guests say that she is a Kheer Khani, so Rishi's husband gets upset. Gay Rishi's man is very worried there per Maleshka A goes. Maleshka says that this is the right opportunity. Dingi is also very good. Rishi's men tell Malishka that they like Lakshmi's hand and they always eat pudding from Lakshmi's hand. Achi khair banati han mein bhi khair banai Longi Rishi's man says to Malishka that thek.

hai you make khir two Malishka goes to the kitchen to make khir. Shalo goes alone in the car. Shalo makes Malishka happy when Shalo realizes that she is doing good for the guests and everyone will

be good in the eyes of the family. Nahin Hone Dungi vah Jo Bhi Karna I want to not use Dungi Maleshka after making kheer, Bihar leaves the kitchen, so there is too much chani in the pudding, it becomes too sweet, Maleshka doesn't know what to put in.

 kheer. Gya Hai Maleshka doesn't even check Maleshka happily takes that good for everyone when all the guests say to me we love each other so much they say what is it like this is made good they say that this is the hand of Lakshmi It's good for us, the hands of the dew were good, either the pudding is not green, it's so sweet, all the guests are telling Malishka, Malishka. 

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