Bhagya Lakshmi Today 20 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ke Maleshka Himisha wants to get rid of Rishi and Lakshmi Don. She says I will marry Rishi with Lakshmi. Maleshka says I will marry Rishi myself. Maleshka says whatever happens, I want to get rid of both of them and leave me as well. Everyone in the family.

 says that now Lakshmi is pregnant. If so, Rishi cannot steal Lakshmi. Rishi's heart says that after seeing a good relationship with Malishka, he wants to marry Malishka. How long will Malishka's heart tell all the family that he wants to marry Malishka? Everyone in the family is happy with Rishi's decision. Lakshmi is.

 happy and says you want to work with Malishka. Malishka used to come between Rishi and me now she has left us. Lakshmi is getting very happy. Lakshmi says to all the family members that you are really thinking that you should get married. When Malishka says this is it. Malishka gets stuck in her work and starts.

 crying. She says I can't think of anyone other than Rishi, Malishka says I will marry someone else, to whom Malishka says I know it's not Lakshmi, all the family members have to say and all the family members say this on Lakshmi's advice. Everyone

is doing Anushka.

 who knows that I won't let Lakshmi succeed in her intentions.Maleshka says I will never marry anyone else.Maleshka says Rishi was mine yesterday and he is mine today. I will get married to Rishi, she comes to Rishi's house and says to Rishi's husband Malishka that.

 we have taken this decision for you, are you happy with our decision, Malishka's husband and father. Both of them have gone to Bihar from the country. Yashka says if you Logon has already decided then I agree with Rishi Ki Maan.

 says then tomorrow something log dekhne ke liye a Rahe Hain To Tum Ache Se Tayar Ho Jana vah Malishka ko Kahati hai ki vah Tumhare. Rashte ke liye a rahe hai Malishka bahut gussa ho rahi Hoti Hai Malishka Ro Ro kar Pagal Ho Rahi Hoti hai Kuchhi Kahti Hai Ho hai Mai will not get married Malishka says .

I have to do something to stop all this Malishka says I need something. This has to be done so that the relatives do not like me and they reject me and leave me with the Queen Lakhli Laki. They say that I will marry you and get you out of the house and you will not be able to do anything. Lakshmi says to Malishka.

 that now you will have to forget Rishi. Malishka says that you can never meet us both. Rishi loves me a lot. Lakshmi says I will marry you now. Dingi Maleshka says what you are thinking is wrong. Maleshka says I will never marry anyone. I will marry Sarf Rishi and I will show you only after marriage. Maleshka says I will

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