Bhagya Lakshmi Today 22 th Oct full episode online hd

 You guys are going to watch Bhagya Lakshmi's interesting show on Zee TV. Lakshmi tells you to stay with Shekhar because he knows where Rishi is. Shalo Shekhar will be seen watching you guys and on the other side Balwinder sees Shalo with Shekhar and plans to stun Shalo because Balwinder

likes Shekhar well. If I told you, then Lakshmi.

 will not leave me, so Balwinder will appear to be thinking of you, and on the other hand, Malaysia will also appear to be mistreating Balwinder. Contact Baleshkar, then Malaysia will not have anything to do with Balwinder. Malaysia keeps chasing Balwinder, finally Balwinder gets Malaysia, still Malaysia lvinder.

 se Kahati hai Main Tumhen Kitni Der Se call kar Rahi hon and you don't pick up my call Balvinder Tumhen Kya Ho Gaya Hai Kyon Tum is Tarah kar Rahe Ho Mere Sath Jiya Doston Age Se Balvinder Ma laysia Ko bolata Hai Tumne Bathneh bora what is it you planned to end me


 not with my mother but my name is balwinder and no one can kill balwinder malaysia you did not do me good by betraying me in malaysia Why not leave? I will never do this because I don't have the habit of cheating because I am not your star cheater yes friend Melissa.

 is also going to realize listening to Balwinder and will say to Balwinder I don't understand you thinking. I wanted but what did I do? You are also bothering me a lot about the pin drive. Now please tell me where is my Rishi. Because I have been chasing Rishi for a.

 long time, but Rishi is nowhere to be found. I have not seen Rishi. I have come for this surf Lakshmi and I am not interested in you and I am not interested. He is saying why now Manisha is also suspicious of Balwinder, now he also blames Malaysia.

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