Bhagya Lakshmi Today 22 Oct full Episode HD

 In Bhagilakshmi Zee TV, you guys are going to see when Neelam asks Rishi what happened to you and why did you faint, even then Rishi tells his mother Neelam that he doesn't want to read anything to me.  So I was in my room and no one came to my room. Why did Malaysia meet me? I was in my room.  When Ga asks for Malisha, Aayush also says, "Malaysia, I haven't

seen her.

 anywhere." Then Neelam asks Manisha's mother Karan, where is your daughter and she has not been seen for a long time.  But she lies to Neelam and says that Malaya is swimming in her room, which is to kill Lakshmi with Balwinder in Malaysia, but Malisha doesn't know anything about Balwinder's plan.  Malaysia.

 is being exploited but Malaysia has no clue about the nakedness even Blondir allows Rishi to be kidnapped in front of Malaysia even then Malaysia has no clue Hakikat Malaysia Ke Samne Aane Wali Hai Aur Malaysia Kafi Gusse Mein  React karti hui dikhai degi aap Logon Ko.

 Kyunki Ab N  eelam ko Bhi Yahi Lagta hai Aakhir Koi To Hai Jo hamare parivar ko barbad kar dena Chahta Hai

Lekin Hagadana Jagald Use If you don't do this then anything can happen to Kaal Yes Haan Dost Rishi will now be seen cheating Balwinder with Lakshmi because  Rishi wants to cook Balwinder.

 and want to give birth to Balwinder after all Balwinder is the most love and Rishi reaches Kalwinder even then Malaysia also calls Balwinder but Lakshmi is seen receiving Malaysia's call from which Aap Logon  Malaysia Lakshmi's voice will be seen cutting the call because Neelam will tell Malaysia that Rishi and.

 Lakshmi's friend Balwinder will open their jaws in the nude.  Who are you doing all this and who asked you to do all this, even then you will say to Balvendra Rishi I am doing all this for Lakshmi because I love Lakshmi, why did you not have to do anything else.  I can go because Rishi I tried to get you out of my way but your luck was very good that you escaped Rishi will also tell Balwinder Balwinder I have escaped but will not escape from my hand

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