Bhagya Lakshmi Today 23 th Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Mein Yeh Hua Hai Ki Malishka and Balvendra try to get Himisha Rishi and Laxmi away. Malishka tells Balvendra that if you want to get Lakshmi, you have to do it with Jaisa.  Malishka's words are accepted. Balvinder Malishka says that I will do as you say, that's enough. Until today, I did whatever you told me to do.  Malishka.

 says you will kidnap Lakshmi. Malishka says that Lakshmi will not listen to you. Lakshmi will not be yours. It will not be like that. Rishi does not want to be with me because they are one world.  They love each other so much that it is very difficult to get rid of these two.  Balvendra kidnaps Lakshmi on Anga.

 Malishka's request. Lakshmi is in Balvendra's cage. When all the family members come to know that Lakshmi is not at home, they try to blackmail Lakshmi.  No, all the family members are disturbed by Lakshmi's voice. Rishi is also disturbed by Lakshmi's voice. Rishi and Aayush don Milkar are teasing.

 Lakshmi. Even in Malishka's Digata, I think you are someone.  Rishi kapoor has to be done from the new number and Rishi has to be told that Lakshmi has gone to her friend's house, her friend's wedding was going to her, so she has gone and she has gone in a hurry.  Malishka is being cheated until Rishi stops cheating.

 Malishka, he will not sit comfortably, so Malishka says to Balvinder that you have to do all this so that everyone in the house will be at peace and Rishi will also be at peace

Malishka Balvinder.  Ko says that Rishi will try to call Lakshmi. Malishka says to ring Lakshmi's phone. Balvinder like this queen says wow rings Lakshmi's phone and Lakshmi faints when Lakshmi regains consciousness.  Lakshmi says.

 to Balwinder that why don't you marry me?  No matter how many times I tried to talk to you lovingly but you didn't listen to me even lovingly, then I saw Yahi Tariq, Lakshmi starts crying, Lakshmi is worried, Lakshmi does not love Balwinder.  Cant get rid of Rishi. Lakshmi says Rishi loves me a lot and see. Rishi says I am.

 still cheated. Lakshm tells Balvendra what you have to do, you can never do it.  Balvendra says no, it won't happen again Rishi, you can never cheat and you will never go to Rishi now.  Balvendra Lakshmi says I can't live with you, I won't give you any number, I just want you to be mine.  says I am coming to write.

 something for you to eat Balvendra goes away Lakshmi tries to make love from here and Lakshmi unties the rope Lakshmi runs away from there Lakshmi tries to reach home Lakshmi home  Rishi is seen using ``Taraf Hehi'' (They are running towards Him).  Why didn't you go by telling us? Rishi says that you wanted.

 to go. Rishi Lakshmi says that you are from your friend's house.  Who told me that I went to my friend's house? Lakshmi tells Rishi all the truth. Lakshmi tells Rishi that I am inside.  Ko Nai Churinga Balwinder has always tried to harm you and we always use Chor Dekein I do not have to write a bar.  When Chowranga Balwinder reaches home, he sees that Lakshmi is not in the vehicle, Balwinder is very upset and 

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