Bhagya Lakshmi Today Feb 5 full episode hd


In serial Bhagilakshmi Zee TV, you are going to see Logon. Rishi reaches the end of the day. Balvinder is taken. Lakshmi meets Rishi and says to Rishi that Balvinder will have to be burnt quickly. . Naksan will try to reach because he has done a lot to us before, but now I can't take it anymore. Yes, friends, Neelam will also.

 see Lakshmi's side now and go to her son Rishi, says Hinder with a laugh. Balwinder will have to be caught because Balwinder knows what happened in the hotel on the last day and asks me. Gee when Aayush says to Rishi you go I will come back with Lakshmi bhabhi but Rishi says to Aayush I can never leave you two.

 alone so we three will go together otherwise no one will go yes friends now Malaysia She also prepares to go with Rishi to cook Balwinder but Lakshmi says to Manisha you stop it let us go because I don't want to apologize to see you Balwinder Kohnoor but Malaysia still insists why does Malaysia want me? Go to.

 Balwinder and stay in front of Balwinder till Balwinder Mere Nange Me Rishi And not to say anything that tells me hamare sath Kyunki hamare Sath gadi Mein Jagah is not in the car we can surf only three then Malaysia says Aayush you stop let us go but Aayush has to say to Malaysia.

 I am my brother Rishi. Chhod is not alone so alone Balvinder is so dangerous he can do anything with brother but I won't let anything like that happen Jee Haan Doston Neelam stops Manisha with her voice which makes Malaysia stop and is quite upset too. It will be seen.

because Malishka is afraid that if Balwinder opens his mouth, Neelam will push me out of the house, so I will have to do anything not to tell Balwinder. Pahunch Paye Yah Doston Malaysia Balvinder ko call Karti Hai Lekin Balvinder Malaysia ka call nahin Utha Pata Kyunki.

 Rishi use time Balvinder ke pass hota hai and Balvinder ko mauka hai nahin milta vah Malaysia ka Kal Uthae is bar guddu bhi sath kunke hai bilkul guddu Balvinder ki help kar raha hota hai jaise hi Rishi Balvinder tak pahunchta Hai to guddu bhi Balvi nder ke sath hi hota hai now Balvinder ke sath sath.

 guddu ki jail Jata Hua dikhai Dega Aap Logon Ko aur aap log bukhdu jagain Abra will come to Parivar and beg for her son with Rishi and will tell Rishi my son ka. No fault, he must have gone to poor Balwinder's words. Please release my kid from jail.

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