Bhagya Lakshmi Today Feb 8 full episode hd

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Hai, Malishka takes Balwinder's help to get rid of Laxmi and Rishi Donon. Malishka calls Balwinder. But Balvendra can't help Lakshmi. Lakshmi runs away from him and Lakshmi tells Rishi the whole truth that I was kidnapped by Balvendra. When Balvinder goes, the usage is nowhere to be seen. Balvinder shuts up. Balvinder is not found in the tab. Rishi.

 goes back home, but Rishi says that it is time for Balvinder Ko Nahin chorunga usne Hamesha Lakshmi ko ahuksanki. Koshish's hai barman is used by me and I will remain silent. I will not be silent. Malishka says if Rishi cheated Balvendra and tried to kill Balvendra and asked me to kidnap Lakshmi, not for me in.

 my league, Malishka says I will not call Rishi Balvendra. In order to do this, I want to tell Balwinder that I need to consult with the Rishis Malishka calls Balwinder but Balwinder is on the phone. Malishka is very worried. Malishka says what should I do now. Hai Rishi beats Balvinder a lot Lakshmi is also with.

 Rishi Lakshmi is also beating Milkar Balvinder with Rishi Rishi and L akshmi donon Milkar Balvinder ko bahut Mar rahe Hote Hai Tabhi Balvinder ke Pass phone a Raha Hota Hai Balvinder Ka phone niche Para Hota Hai Lakshmi Balvinder Ka phone Utha Leti Hai Lakshmi Dekh Leti Hai Ki Balvinder ke Pash Milishka.

 Ka phone a Raha vah Kail attends the call Lakshmi says I will also see what this Malishka wants to talk to Balvinder Lakshmi She says I know all this Malishka must not have done it with me, I don't have to write Malishka's address, Balvinder doesn't have the phone, Manish.

 says everything. Manish says, "Where are you going to hide?" From Agra, Rishi Bahoot will die, Maleshka says that my name will also go with me. What did you think I won't know anything Lakshmi says I know everything now Lakshmi says I didn't want to meet you She says we have.

reached Balvendra Rishi He is

also with me and Rishi will now send Balvinder to jail. As Balvendra and Lakshmi reach Rishi's house, Malishka starts crying. Malishka says that nothing can happen to me. Malishka says that Lakshmi is worried about me. He will never marry me because I was.

 attracted to kill Lakshmi. Malishka says that all the family members love Lakshmi very much. Now all the family members know that they will throw me out of the house. Rishi also comes to know that Balvinder did not do all this on the advice of Malishka. Rishi comes home. Rishi is very angry and gives Rishi a bottle.

 of milk. All the family members ask Rishi why all this with Malishka. If you are doing this, Rishi tells all the truth to all the family members. Rishi keeps Balvinder's phone. Yes, we just wanted to hear your win. We heard that there is no place in your house. They give you out of the house. Meesha is defeated by Malishka and Lakshmi wins, after all Lakshmi keeps Malishka out of the house.

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