Bhagya Lakshmi update full Episode hd

 Bhagilakshmi is going to be very interesting to watch in Zee TV. Why do you guys get a huge sabot from the hands of Lakshmi, seeing that Rishi will also be seen reacting very angrily.  Is.  The real culprit has been exposed, so as soon as Rishi realizes that there is no one behind them but

our own, Rishi will be.

 seen going to Malaysia's house with the police and the second place is Balondar as a hiding place.  Balvinder can't see any way out, so Balvinder goes to Malaysia's house and says to Malaysia, please hide me somewhere because your Rishi will stay behind me, so they will all know me, why Rishi?  Rishi has beaten me.

 like a madman, but I don't tell anything about you naked. Malaysia, if you want no one to know about you, let me hide in your house.  She will appear to be hiding. As soon as Karan enters my room in Malaysia, she will say, "What is this Balvinder doing here, Malaysia? Did you believe that you will not have any relationship.

 with him?"  What are you doing, my friend?  He tells us that if we told Balvinder to leave here, Balvinder will get an FIR from Rishi.  It's in front, it doesn't get cold from the time you wake up, till then Balwinder will stay in the ISI house, Jihan Doston Rishi will also be seen playing Beldar of Behar Milksha in.

 Malaysia's house.  Jas E Hi Karan will open the door and the police will appear with Rishi and Rishi, then Karan will be very scared and will say to Rishi, you are the time, this is still in our house.  There is an arrest and the use of the police.  Lele Rishi starts acting like a good boy.

with Rishi, but Aayush is also with his brother Rishi and speaks to Malaysia about his drama band.  Do now you will have no drama from now on. Malaysia says to Aayush, this is with you, are you talking about something.

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