Kumkum Bhagya Today 26 Oct full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ki, Riya always tries to get Prachi and Ranveer Don away and she always fails in her efforts. I will succeed in my plan at the bar Riya says I will kill Prachi at the bar Riya says what do I want to do at the bar Riya starts thinking Riya says I want to do Cha Diya Karna with Prachi I get an idea Riya Says I will


 Prachi by setting her on fire. Riya is planning to kill Prachi. Ranveer and Prachi are busy with their work. Riya waits for Ranveer to leave. Tab Riya goes to Prachi's room. Riya goes and starts teasing Prachi and she brings water for Prachi. Prachi faints Prachi regains consciousness Prachi is in her room and Riya.

 closes the door of the room with bahir Riya Prachi's room bahar in every way ka tel Dal Deti Hai vah bahut zyada mitti ka tel Prachi ke kamre ke bahar Dal deti hai All the family members are not in the same house. Pallavi and Vikram all the family members have gone somewhere. Riya goes with the family members and Prachi.

 is alone. Riya goes with all the family members but she hides from all the family members to kill Prachi and goes home alone for some time. What happened to Prachi's family? Riya says everyone will understand this from the family, I was with them and it must

have been something bad with Prachi. First of all, the.

 house goes to kill Prachi and use Riya to lock Prachi in Kamre. Lagakar Wapas Sab Ghar Walon ke Pass Chali Jaati Hai And there is no one in the house to help Prachi Kiran Prachi is unconscious and Charon Taraf is on fire. So she sees that Charon Taraf is burning and Prachi gets very worried. Prachi starts.

 crying. Prachi says that now There is no one in my country who is praying for me to help me. It doesn't happen and Prachi is on fire.Prachi is on music.Riya is getting very happy. When everyone comes home, they see that Prachi's room is on fire, so everyone runs towards Prachi's room. All the family members say that now what should we do? There.

 is a lot of fire. Now who should we send Isha to? They are calling Prachi from inside. Riya says it is still alive, why is it not on fire yet Riya says why I am on fire, don't understand. dinghy unless Prachi catches fire I will not understand this fire. I would like to ask you. You guys don't understand fire, so maybe I'll catch.

 fire and I'm a soul in music. Everyone in the house is trying to put out the fire with water. They're consuming too much water and thinking. Asta Aag goes to work, Riya gets angry seeing all this. Riya says look how much everyone in the family is getting worried by Prachi's voice. I am trying to save all the 

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