Bhagya Lakshmi Today 27 October full Episode hd

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV, you will see that when Malaysia goes to Rishi's house, most people are praising Lakshmi, why Rishi's life has been saved by Lakshmi's voice and Lakshmi's voice is being thought. Friends, all the family members are very happy. Ayush says to his uncle

that Lakshmi bhabhi is.

 very lucky for our house because whenever Rishi is in trouble, Lakshmi is used as a shelter. are doing with his wife Neelam, why does Neelam not like Lakshmi's Tariq at all, so Neelam says to Aayush, how many times have I told you that Lakshmi is not good enough for the house? Lakshmi is about.

 to become your wife, don't pay attention to Malaysia, because Malaysia is going to come home very soon. Malaysia, standing with you, is very happy to hear Neelam's words and tells Aayush, you pay attention to Neelam's words. Why did you want to say thank you to me? The pin drive Lakshmi got was ordered in the pen.

 drive and I don't think I will see Neelam very soon. Gayi, through whose voice Lakshmi got the wow pen drive, this friend shuts up after listening to Aayush Malaysia and the world will see Balwinder making Karan his mark because Karan is satisfied with Balwinder and is working.

 safe. As Balvinder gets suspicious of Karan and says to Karan, what are you hiding, look at me, Karan, I don't have the courage to hide anything because you people don't love you. Yes, friends, Balwinder's intentions are not visible, Balwinder will pretend to be cheating on Kiran by putting Kiran in his words. She.

 tries why does Karan get suspicious of Balvinder. Yes, friends, we see Karan contacting his daughter Malaysia. Aap Logon Ko Kyunki Balvinder is Bar Mere Shak Ghar Lootane Wala Hai Kyunki Balvinder ko Aab Lagta Hai Mujhe Malaysia se Kuchh Nahin milane Wala Isliye Jo Kuchh Bhi Hua Bhoy Pahs Nahi Us rakhegi

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