Bhagya Lakshmi Today 27 th Oct full episode hd

Serial Bhagya Lakshmi show on Zee TV You will see Malaysia has returned from the police station why dostun Rishi takes Malaysia with him to the police station because Rishi has the courage of Malaysia because the police say to Rishi that you are a sinner, you are our help.  If you do, Rishi

comes to Manisha's house.

 with the police. Yes, friends, which even Malaysia gets very scared, because he tells Malaysia that my truth is now a glare with the Oberoi family.  No evidence is found so Rishi wants to find out who Balwinder is doing all this for and who is the soldier who gave Balwinder to kill me.

 yes I think they will get it from the police station because Lakshmi has told Malaysia.  Your real life is not going to be hidden because I found out very soon Longi, what is your relationship with Balwinder, Yunki, I doubt you because Ayush and Shalu saw you with Balwinder and I.

 also saw you with Balwinder of Janati Han.  Remember, the day Balvinder is arrested, you will be taken as the truth  doston Malaysia Lakshmi Ki Baten Soch kar Kafi Gusse Mein

Hai React karti hui dikhai degi Kyunki ab Malaysia ke.

 pass koi Rasta nahin Khud Ko bekasur sabit karne ka Kyunki Balvinder bhi bahut jald rest hota hua dikhai dekhai ko koulke saap koi There is going to be a fight in Malaysia.  We see you beating Balwinder well. You will say to Logon and Balwinder, why did I have the courage to take panga from.

 Rishi? I told you that you will not say anything to Rishi, not in writing.  If this happens, we will not leave you alive in Belwinder, because now I am being cheated by the police with Charon Taraf.  Remember that you will stay within the limits here. If you cross your.

 limits, I will call the police and arrest you. From the side of the world, go for a walk with Rishi Bhai for a few days.  I have been quite impressed with the sound of logon ne kalwindar, but now I want to  Hey, you came to FIR for some day, friends, love some relation, he will be seen.

 taking you guys around with him and you guys will see very soon as soon as Neelam will know Rishi Lakshmi tour with him.  But if he has gone, Neelam will call Malaysia and Manisha is not listening. She wants to be with Rishi. What is Rishi doing with Lakshmi? I told you to stay close to Rishi.  It seems you don't love Rishi at all

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