Bhagya Lakshmi Today jan th 30 full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Maleshka tries to get Laxmi and Rishi away, Maleshka says, is it not just me who is bardasht?  Malishka says that till today, whatever I do, Lakshmi has always survived, I am trying to take Lakshmi's life, Lakshmi always survives, now I can't bear it anymore, Malishka thinks.  Malishka.

 says that now what do I want to do with Lakshmi, Malishka says that I want to do something with Lakshmi, then they want to ask something in the house, because they are united, the relatives are united, all the family members are very happy.  All the family members say to Lakshmi.

 that now you have to look after the kitchen and you also have to look after the housework.  Lakshmi says to all the family that you have to look after the work, don't look after me, I will look after the kitchen work too.  Lakshmi says that you will not give Lugon a chance to hunt. Malishka.

 is listening to all this. Malishka hates Malika. Queen says that everyone loves Lakshmi.  Malishka says how much do they all think about Lakshmi?  They say that I want to kill Lakshmi forever, Malishka eats, I just want to get Rishi, but Malishka says that Lakshmi has taken the.

 responsibility of taking care of the house.  Malishka says that it is not her turn to make a house for Lakshmi. Even then, Malishka also reads that I have to do something. Malishka throws all the garbage in the kitchen.  Work is like this, Bharati Jaongi will go to Malishka's kitchen.  Lakshmi V starts cleaning the garbage near.

 Malishka's ship and Malishka gets scared to see the luck of finding salt in Malishka's mine.  Fails, what are you doing in the kitchen, am I there to work in the kitchen? Aayush starts insulting Malishka.  Malishka starts crying and goes to the room and starts crying. Malishka never.

 seems to try to do anything with me. Even then, Aayush goes there. Ayush always saves Lakshmi.  All my family members are not behind her, they don't leave us the kitchen, I put chicken in the cooker and the cooker gives gas per thera. Lakshmi goes after doing a lot of work.  Malishka.

opens gas Malishka opens full gas Malishka opens full gas Kitchen Bihar leaves Lakshmi is doing her

work Chicken  Puri gets burnt by Tara When Lakshmi's SAS goes to the kitchen, she sees in the cooker that Puri's chicken is burnt.  Look at all this, what has happened to Lakshmi, SAS says to.

 Lakshmi, your happiness is happy, since now guests have not come.  Can you handle everything by trust? Lakshmi starts crying. Lakshmi says don't talk to anyone.  I don't know who has grown up with Lakshmi. She says to Lakshmi that you just do it. I will not listen to you. You are all telling.

 lies.  I was going to do it, I have done it, now you will not touch any work.  Lakshmi, who is doing all the work herself, is offering her cleaning to her SAS, she is crying, saying that the main gas was light, I don't know why, Lakshmi does not agree on the matter with the dead body.  Malishka quietly goes to her room, Malishka is very happy.  Nei dissuades Lakshmi from working, Malishka says this 

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