Bhagya Lakshmi Jan 31 Oct full episode hd

 In Bhagilakshmi Zee TV you will see that when Rishi goes to his room to rest, Malaysia also follows Rishi to Rishi's room and hugs Rishi and says to Rishi that I love you so much. Will be. You keep chasing Lakshmi these days, you want to take care of me Rishi further Rishi says to Malaysia please stay away from me.

 I'm not Lakshmi's husband and I can't fuck Lakshmi Jee laughingly from Malaysia Friendship is Rishi, you are forgetting, do you love me Rishi, what was your intention to marry me? I. Lakshmi is very sad seeing Rishi and Malaysia together and starts to leave in the car then Rishi grabs.

 Lakshmi's hand but Lakshmi tells Rishi to join her hand yes guys Lakshmi feels like a badass why Lakshmi Loves Rishi and can't see Rishi with anyone else so she leaves.Per Rishi will also show you going after Lakshmi to take Malaysia away from you leaving Ayush Shalu out of the.

 two people. Shalo says to Aayush please don't bother me otherwise I will get angry with you yes friends Sonia sees Shalo and Aayush together and says to Aayush they are quite a good pair, you guys are something behind friendship. You are hiding what is happening, no.

one can see it in the house, but I have a clear view that you two love each other. This friend Sonia is now with her mother Karisma, the victim

of Aayush. Why does Karisma hate Shalo and Shalo will never be scripted as the daughter-in-law of her house and Aayush also knows this very well, so Aayush will tell Shalo what he wants to see. Zaria is very.

 sad to see something like this. She says to Aayush, "If this is not the case, then what is the case?" I was using a serious Viz Hello really I love you so much guys Shalo will make you guys look embarrassed when Aayush confesses his love to Shalo and you guys will open up very soon. will go. Why is their friendship turning into love now?

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