Bhagya Lakshmi Today jan 21 full episode online HD

 In drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka also wants to get Rishi Maleshka wants to get rid of Rishi and Lakshmi Don Maleshka takes Himisha Balvinder's help now Balvendra keeps Maleshka's phone and blacks out Ki Mere Pais Jo Tum Dina She is not giving money to

Maleshka. How many times have you tried to kidnap Lakshmi? Balwinder.

 says I will tell everyone your truth. Where can I wait for Maleshka? There is a mess in the house too. Aayush looks at Maleshka. What is the matter of Hoagie? Maleshka arranges the money. Malishka is telling Balvinder, even then Rishi's father goes there, Rishi's father gives money to Malishka, Rishi's father sees.

 everything and lets him listen to everything. Then he comes to Malishka and slaps Malishka hard. Now they will throw me out of the house and they will never let Rishi be mine and he says I have to do something. Malishka says that I will not let it happen. Malishka says that I have to do something. Rishi's father says .

 to Malishka that I am telling everyone the truth right now. There is no use now, there is no space in the house. Will it ever happen? The game is not over, Dingi Maleshka starts thinking. Maleshka says that I have to do anything to stop them from going to their house. Maleshka also follows them. When they.

 are killed, how will all of them tell the truth to the family members? It happens that there is an accident and all the family members become very worried. All the family members go to the hospital. Doctors say that it is very difficult for them to survive. Malishka Booth.

gets happy, Malishka says I just want them to be killed and I to be saved. Rishi's father goes into a coma. All the family members are very happy, but Malishka is very upset. From Koma, Bihar has gone one spring, but they don't remember anything, they don't remember anything. Maleshka becomes very

happy. Happily, Himesh's star is Maleshka. Bara also.

 survives. Everyone takes Rishi's father home from the hospital. He doesn't remember anything. Maleshka says that even though I will always let him stay like this, I will never get his memory back. Nai aane dongi Maleshka says I can do anything, Maleshka says I can even kill anyone to get Rishi, I can't meet anyone. I will do it.

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