Bhagya Lakshmi Today jan 23 full episode hd

In Bhagilakshmi Zee TV you will see when Rishi takes Malaysia with him to leave Malaysia's house even then Malaysia tells Rishi Rishi you are not the same now you don't love me anymore I don't have

to love you. Rishi is not doing well with me Rishi I loved you and I will always be in love with you It is sad to write Rishi ki.

 you do not love me Jee han dostun Rishi says to Malaysia when it does not pass. By the way, Lakshmi's Lakshmi is my wife and who should I live with Lakshmi, I know it very well. Malaysia, you have said many times, why are you talking about misunderstanding between us? Kar Ghar ki Taraf Jaane Lagti Hai to Rishi.

 Malaysia Ke Piche daud padta hai lekin Malaysia doesn't care about Rishi and says to Rishi you go back home I go home Ogi I think that there is a way between you both. Anyway, now I have no respect in your eyes, so Rishi will hold Malaysia's hand and take her home. Rishi will refuse to stop because Lakshmi is taking care.

 of Rishi, so Rishi Karan tells me it's time to go home, as Balendra is hiding at home in Malaysia. He gets very excited and says to Manisha, what is this Balvinder doing here, I don't know anything, I don't know you. I don't think so. Even if I am one way from your house, Kiran will tell Rishi that Balwinder is a looter, he.

must have

come here to loot, so Rishi I am telling you to stay here, we are alone and we don't even have a security guard today, friend Karan. Rishi doesn't stop even when he stops, because Rishi remembers Lakshmi as one way and Rishi tells Karan to lock the house and file an FIR. And you guys will see very soon when Rishi will.

 leave Hamisha's house Tab Malaysia asks Balwinder what is your problem then why are you bothering me you want me like me for me and Rishi Malaysia. Even if Balwinder leaves Malaysia, I don't have any such plans. If you tease me, I will do it because I will leave Malaysia because of you. Rishi will arrest me

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