Bhagya Lakshmi today 30 Oct full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hua Hai Kya Maleshka can't see Lakshmi and Rishi happy, she is in the process of separating them, but Lakshmi and Rishi are never apart.  Jaenge Maleshka goes to Lakshmi and all the family members get married. Maleshka starts putting her hands

in front of Lakshmi. She.

 says that you really love Rishi.  Hey Rishi and you two always be happy you two are the best couple and leaves Lakshmi says I forgive Malishka everyone goes to their room Anshika has dinner with Valu Manish is having dinner with all the family.  WhatsApp happens, the.

 family members also start liking Malishka. I think Malishka has become good. All the family members go to work after dinner and Balishka says it's time for you to do something. Malishka takes her mobile to Rishi's room  Maan leaves, Malishka sees that Rishi is staying in his room, so they go and become her and Rishi.

 and fall on the ground and start crying.  When all the family members come to her room, they see that Rishi is sleeping on the bed and Malishka is crying. All the family members ask Malishka what happened.  All the family members are shocked to see pictures of Rishi and Malishka. When Rishi opens his eyes, he sees that


 all the family members are in his room.  She hits him and says what is all this with Malishka. Malishka also starts crying. Rishi asks Malik about all this. She shows her Tsurin while Malishka is crying. Rishi is shocked to see the serial.  He says that everything is a lie, there is nothing like that.  What has all this.

 happened then Malishka shows her the picture, Lakshmi starts crying and Rishi never gets it then she goes to Malishka's man.  R slaps Malishka and says all this you have done who will marry you now Malishka also starts crying then Lakshmi says it doesn't feel good.  No, Rishi is not doing this. It is.

 someone's trick. Even then, Lakshmi says that there is a CCTV camera in Rishi's room. If we see the CCTV footage, we will know that all this happened  All this is true.  AR goes to see the cctv footage still Malishka gets scared that everyone will go with my truth now I have to do.

 something Rishi's grandmother catches Malishka and says where are you going you see.  If we see the CCTV footage of Raho, then we don't see anything like this happening in the CCTV footage. All this is seen in the CCTV footage of Gandhi making pictures together with Malishka and Rishi.  Lakshmi slaps Malishka.

 and says that you are staying in the house with us and you were playing with us.  If you don't want to do this, pack your bags and leave here. There is never a fight in the house. All the family members leave Malishka's house. Still Malishka is crying and says that everything is a lie.

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