Bhagya Lakshmi Today Feb 6 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hua Hai, Rishi's father sees Malishka meeting Balwinder. Malishka is giving money to Balwinder. Rishi's father sees everything and hears everything.  Malishka says that now they will tell everyone my truth. Malishka says that I will not let

this happen.  She says how will they all tell the truth to the family when I kill.

 them by causing an accident, Rishi's father's memory goes away, they don't remember anything, this Sankar Maleshka is very happy where they don't remember anything.  Hka Kahati Hai Ki Main Aisa Kabhi Bhi Nahin Hone Dungi Main Kabhi Bhi Nahin Chahungi Ki Inki Yaddasht Wapas Aye Sab Ghar wale.

 Ghar Chale Jaate Hain Rishi Ka Baap Bhi Ghar A Jata Hai Lakshmi unke dawai unke Kamre Mein Rakhti Hai Kahti Hai to do this too  If the claims do not reach them, I will have to change the claim. Rishta says that they will remember their memory from the dawa. Malishka says that I will not let it happen.  Lakshmi doesn't know.

 that there has been a change in the invitation, even then Lakshmi continues to give them that claim.  Even though they are giving it on time, there is no memory of them, their condition is not getting any better, Rishi's Maan says that we should take them to the hospital again and they are so sick that we are giving them .

 medicine.  Even though it has ended, even then, their behavior is not correct and their memory is not in the desert  Malishka is very upset. Malishka says that if they go to the doctor, the doctor is not accepting that claim or they are making some other claim, even then Malishka says no, we.

 don't take them to the hospital for a few days and see.  They take it, maybe their health needs to be checked, Lakshmi is not coming from where, but it is too late, they have to take her to the hospital, Malishka says no, she is not going now.  Yes, Malishka, you are right, let us write something, she says, I am.

 bringing the invitation, Malishka says no, I am bringing the claim, Rishta says that if Lakshmi is going to take the claim, then Lakshmi will definitely bring the invitation, says Malishka.  Ki Me Kham Ja ungi main galat dawai Lekar aungi Lakshmi Kahati Hai Ki Nahin Main Vaise bhi kam se bahar ja rahi hun to main Aate Hue Dawai Leti Aungi Malishka Lake Koshish.

 Karti Hai Khud Dawai Lene Jaane ke Liye per Malishka per Nahin Ja Sakti Malishkain Meshkaon  Hoti Lakshmi takes medicine and goes, Malishka says I have to change this dawa too  Leshka says that if they take the invitation given by the doctor, she will return her memory and Jaegi Malesh says that it won't happen, Dingi is.

 changing Maleshka's medicine, then Lakshmi goes there. Laxmi is changing Maleshka's medicine.  Lati hai Malishka eats Lakshmi, what are you doing here?  Malishka is not even doing it. Malishka starts lying. Malishka says that she was watching them 

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