Kumkum Bhagya 12 Oct full episode online HD

In the serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you will see Ranveer has decided to stop Prachi's marriage. To Jae Jahan Jahan Dostun, Prachi is also saying to her sister Sahana, I don't have to marry this, but if I don't do this marriage, then Pallavi will never adopt me and she doesn't want to write me even more.

 hatefully. In Sahana, I promise Pallavi, I have to tell Palvi that I will do this marriage for the happiness of my family, but I will not go anywhere without Ranveer. Sakti Yes, friends, Suhana is now also going to understand her sister's love story, why did Suhana love her? Prachi loves Siddharth, but.

 Prachi has told her truth to her sister. You will give people why Aaliya will appear to be using Riya to take her revenge from Prachi. Why Aaliya is heaven. If I take my revenge from myself, I will push you home and write what I don't want. So Aaliya Riya. They see Riya using Riya against her sister Prachi .

 and they celebrate their happiness with Riya. She looks and Aaliya will also show her getting up with her hands. I know the truth of both of them, but they are giving it once. We see Riya's truth being told to Pallavi as well. Will Logon believe Pallavi's words? In Logon, we have to tell you why he uses Pallavi. They.

 don't give Riya a favor because she keeps speaking against Riya, but there is a time. Dayan will be seen telling Pallavi with evidence that you are pretending to go to Logon and Vikram too and Aaliya's truth and you guys will see very soon when Ranveer will come to know about Prachi's truth because Langtadi.

 is doing happily but Prachi is married. She is not happy at all and Sahana also knows about her excuse. Suhana is silenced by Prachi's voice, so she does not tell all this to Ranveer, but now he wants to.

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