Kumkum Bhagya 13 Oct Episode hs

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you guys are going to see Riya is going to have a lot of trouble. jise sunkar Riya Kafi Pareshan dikhai degi aap logon ko aur dusri taraf se Ranveer Bhi Prachi Ko Dekhkar Smile karta hua dikhai dega Kyunki Ranveer ko Bhi Pata chal Chuka hai Prachi Sirf usse.

 pyar karti hai lekin sirf usse pyar karti hai lekin sirf usse pyar karti hai lekin sirf usse pyar karti hai lekin taraf hai there shouldn't be any mistake because we have made many mistakes in the past too but now I want us to come to the truth of Riya with everyone. Look, no matter.

 what we do, there will be a report before Riya, until we get the report of Riya, then we can't do anything. You already know that Pallavi is quite serious about the marriage. It should be done, but we have to do anything to get the wow report. Yes, friends, ten We see Aaliya informing Riya .

from the back, you will see Aaliya Riya saying what did you dare to call for your report. Which report are you talking about? No report was asked. Yes, friends, Aaliya thinks that Riya took her own report, but it is all Dr. Madhav's work. Riya will be seen talking to her doctor, in which she.

 is saying to the doctor, "How dare you, my report, I want you to know too, Madhu.

If the wow report goes to Kohli's house, then my truth will go to everyone." In the FIR, you will also be involved in the FIR. Why not, you didn't want to do this. Yes, friends, Madhava says to Riya that.

 she did not send the report to Portman, because the report is corrupt, you have one way, you only have that report. To be received Yes, friends Riya and Alia Milkar will be seen sharing the usage report to you guys and you guys. Very interesting show on Zee TV Thanks for visiting my site

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