Kundali Bhagya today 13 Oct full episode online HD


Aap Logon is going to be seen in Serial Kundali Bhagya Show Zee TV Arjun's Sachi Sabi Luthra Housewala is a Chika and Rishabh has pushed Arjun out of Luthra House because Prithvi tells Arjun that Luthra Housewala.  Is.  This makes Arjun very angry with Prithvi and tells Anjali that it is time for.

 me to go to Prithvi's ISI time.  I would like to know if Prithvi didn't want to do this to me. Yes, friends. Anjali takes Arjun to Prithvi's house.  Arjun will say to Sherlyn don't try to be so innocent because I know your truth.

 and I also know that you are hiding Prithvi from me but I use you a lot ga Kyunki usne mere khilaf jakar Acha nahin.  kya Prithvi shouldn't have done this. Yes, friends, after seeing Shirley Arjun's gusta, it will be seen that you guys have


 the guts to say anything to Prithvi.  You have to stay away from Arjuna because Arjuna is chasing you like crazy. If you fall into Arjuna's hands, you  I will reach the lake, yes, my friends, Prith has lost his hand. This Arjun can't do.

 anything to me, he just keeps playing Karan's trumpet.  Lia hai kya jurarat thi Arjun bhara bhara with me we love khatam I will do it and apart from that you will see Preetha missing Arjun because of the same nature when she.

 comes to talk with her sister Preeta.  Srishti says to her sister, Arjun didn't treat us well, Arjun didn't want to do that, I think Arjun is a very good person, uk, seeing Arjun, I miss my Karan Jeju, I can never think.  Thi ki Arjuna.

 Esa koi other se koi teriga.  She will be seen missing her friend Arjun. Why did Kavya become friends with Arjun and Arjun also made Kavya his friend, but now our daughter Kavya with Preetha sees Arjun because of meeting Arjun.  .  Logon Ko and you guys will soon see interesting shows in Kundali Bhagya.

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