Kumkum Bhagya today 15 th Oct full episode hd

 Serial Kumkum Bhagya update episode will show you logon when Pallavi goes to Sahana then Sahana is talking about Riya's report and Pallavi says to Sahana what are you doing here you have time for Prachi To be why she is your thing and loves you so much this is time use is your courage yes friends ahead Suhana tells Pallavi she is fine and she is resting in her room so give me a lot of life. Riya's report is also.

 the same, as if Pallavi will be seen as Haryana, why did Pallavi not know anything about Riya's report, but now, after seeing Riya's report, Pallavi will be very interested. Ko asks Pallavi for the wow report, Pallavi dissuades Sahana from giving the report and says to Sahana, this is Riya's report and you are a good person, yet you are.

 asking me to give it to Riya. Vah leaves with the report. As soon as Pallavi comes to her room with the Vah report, Vikram sees the report in Pallavi's hand and asks who is this report from? Balveer tells Vikram that Riya's report is a check. Why? Do you know that Rhea is pregnant and to know that Rhea must have been reported. Yes, friends, Vikram


 is talking to Pallavi from before. It is a matter of happiness. Riya will see the report because I want Riya to see this report and be happy. It will be seen that you are the family members who tell the truth of the hypocrisy. Why will Pallavi be seen going to Riya's room now, you will tell people and Riya then come with me, even then Alia is with Riya, even.

 when Alia asks, Pallavi does not tell anything and Pal B says to Alia too. Pallavi wants to give Riya a surprise but Riya already knows when Pallavi tells Riya in the nude of her report, Riya your report is a cake. If Riya doesn't know anything or friends, Pallavi also tells Riya, play .

this report and tell us the good news quickly, then Riya says to Pallavi, what is the report, we can also see the call. But Vikram says to Riya this report you will see now because I have to go what is inside the report are you pregnant or no FIR yes friends this is all Sankar Aaliya Parkha too. You guys know why Aaliya also knows why Riya is not pregnant in Riya's nude, she is lying to her family but very soon Riya's lie is going to be revealed to everyone.

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