Kumkum Bhagya today 16 Oct full episode hd

In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya Baar Hai, Riya succeeds in her intentions, Riya pushes Prachi and Ranveer away. Fey Ranveer goes to his man Palvi.  I will kill you, we are very worried to see Ranveer's condition, Ranveer is upset.

 that now I don't even know where Prachi has gone.  Ranveer's mother says to Ranveer what should I do now I don't know where Prachi has gone, where should I get Prachi from?  will  She will come to the house or she won't come. Ranveer says that whatever happens, I just.

 want Prachi. Ranveer starts crying in front of his mother. Ranveer's mind can't see this situation.  Did I do all this on your advice? She says to Riya that now I can't see my son's condition, now you tell me where I should get Prachi from.  There is no need to bring.

 Prachi, she has gone of her own free will, now we will never bring back Prachi. Sankar slaps Riya hard.  Pallavi says you don't see Ranveer's condition. Pallavi says Ranveer can't be without Prachi and I can't see the condition for my son.  Ayu Pallavi says till

 today what you told me, I am doing everything with Prachi.  I hate to see you now, I am saying goodbye to you, I will bring Prachi home myself and you will not be able to do anything. She also eats pilavi. I will never accompany you now. I am happy to surf with.

 you, son.  If he lives then I can do anything for happiness I can even give my life for our happiness hearing all this Riya is shocked Riya says now it is not even mine Denge Riya says I think this  Now she will bring Prachi home.Palvi also tries to cheat Prachi.Palvi.

 calls Suhana.Palvi starts crying listening to Sahana.Please talk to me.  Seeing Pallavi's narration, Sahana says that I think I have realized my mistake, so Sahana tells Pallavi the truth and says that she loves us and says that you did not tell Prachi anything..

  I surprise Prachi I am a rahi to take you guys Pallavi punches Prachi for Lane Prachi is very happy seeing Pallavi Pallavi starts apologizing to Prachi she says she never left me  Please forgive 

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