Kumkum Bhagya Today 17 Oct Episode hd


In the interesting Kumkum Bhagya you guys are going to see Ranveer has changed from Puri Tarik because Ranveer has now broken up with Rhea that I won't go to Prachi now because Ranveer thinks Prachi has not left Achi boys.  In Prachi and Siddharth's nude, yes, friends.

 like Sankar Ranveer Kaffee set will show you guys and in the upcoming episode you guys will see that as soon as Ranveer goes to his room, he confronts Prachi by letting him sleep.  Prachi tells Prachi what are you doing here Tum ne to hai.

 wakat be with Siddharth Chai Yeh friends even then Prachi tries to tell Ranveer the truth about Siddharth then Ranveer says to Prachi please I have already started my main drama.  You don't have love for anyone in your.

 heart and how will you feel about anyone I don't believe anything you say because you have cheated me Prachi you kept loving me falsely with Siddharth H's child as your pet and I love you  Keep listening but now I won't listen to anything you say, friends, like Sankar Prachi


 will have tears  You will tell Logon and Dunya about the happiness of marriage and tell Aaliya now Ranveer is mine Ranveer is now listening to me I am very happy today that Ranveer hugged me and made me feel his own Yes Haan.

  Friends, like Sankar Aaliya will also become a lot. I have been watching you laughing mischievously for a long time and I hope that you will continue to laugh like this.  Pallavi Siddharth Prachi Prachi Take good care of her because.

 I have given Prachi a lot of love and I want you to use it too, love to win, I have considered using it as mine and you are also our family and Himisha Prachi's eyes in me  If this did not happen to me, Siddharth, you will not.

 forgive me. Yes, even talking to friends, you will appear to be listening to Pallavi's words.  You have to see why Vikram is going to his room  He looks and Vikram says to Sahana what are you doing here then Sahana says to Vikram I didn't know it was good that you found me in the spring of the room otherwise I would have insulted myself with Pallavi.

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