Kundali Bhagya today 17 th Oct full episode hd


In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke, Prachi leaves Ranveer as a choker. Ranveer takes Sahana along with him.Riya is very happy about Prachi's words.Riya is very happy. Riya is very happy to get Prachi out of the house. Riya says that now Ranveer.

 will be my surf. Ranveer calls Sahana and starts crying in front of Sahana. Ranveer says I love. Prachi a lot, Suhana, you are all heavenly, you have to tell me where you are, I will take you now. Suhana says I can't tell you anything, Prachi, what did you promise me? Ranveer says.

 that you have to tell me. You people say, Suhana. Thieves did not come willingly, all this is happening with the voice of your man and Riya. Jhagade and Riya have also said this, with the sound of which Prachi gets fed up and sneaks out of the house. What's up, I have told you.

 so much so that you don't blame Prachi. You always agree with Logon's words and consider Prachi to be the fault, but it is. your family's fault. UN Prachi Logon Hello. Ko has said to go to Ghar Chorale, even then Prachi has come to Ghar Chordae. Hearing this from Sahana, Ranveer is very angry. Ranveer rings the phone. Man.

 is upset to go to the thief that I am not all that Ranveer tells his man that I have come to know the truth, you did not ask Prachi to go to steal the house, so Prachi is a house thief, you want to do it my man. He says to his mind that I didn't expect you to do this, I didn't know that you hate Prachi so much. Ranveer tells his mind not.

 to tell you about my happiness. If you cared about my happiness, you wouldn't have said all this to Prachi. Ranveer tells his mother that if Prachi doesn't meet me, I will kill myself. I won't be happy without Prachi. Ranveer starts crying. K Bega Can't Survive Prachi Ranveer has been robbed Riya is very happy Riya gets what she wanted Riya takes Ranveer and Prachi Don away.

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