Kumkum Bhagya today 30 th jan full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya kehi ki main Prachi ko ab kya tara tang krongi ki Prachi is ready to break into this house by herself. The people of the house have told you to leave the house, even though.

 you are not leaving the house, Riya says to Prachi that I don't even understand you, what do you want, Riya Prachi? I am telling you for the last time that you should steal Ranveer and go away. Riya.

 tells Prachi that you should also take Suhana with you. She has been staying in the house since you are the one who will leave the house, what will she do here? Prachi starts crying. Prachi always listens to Riya's words. Prachi.

 says that now I have decided, am I not going to stay at home? I will take it from home, Prachi Khati Hai. I know that the people of the house will keep it with Suhana just as they have treated me. I will take you together in.

 a daze. Now we will not disrespect ourselves anymore. Sahana says to Prachi that tell me, what is the matter, why are you saying all this and why are you talking about stealing the house? Pallavi had asked to leave the house.

 and now Riya is asking to leave the house when all the family members want us to leave the house. I agree and stay at home but this time you must have obeyed me we both have to leave the house Sahana Prachi agrees Prachi eats We won't tell anyone in the house that we are.

going home, Prachi is upset that wherever we go, we will

go far, they don't even want to know where we are. Prachi and Suhana are talking. Prachi tells a lie, Prachi says that she is not preparing to go anywhere, Prachi just tells us like.

 this, Prachi doesn't tell Ranveer the truth. They leave the house when all the family members come to know that Prachi and Suhana are not at home, they are very worried. She is happy and she wants Prachi to steal from her house. She.

 is happy to steal from Prachi's house because she always wants what she wants. Riya says I managed to get Prachi and Ranveer away, Prachi steals Ranveer and Riya goes to work in her plane. Yab gets it and Prachi again sneaks Ranveer in order to get UN Don away.

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