Kumkum Bhagya today 19 th Oct full episode hd

In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Prachi and Ranveer Don are going to the wedding. Sending them to spend time together, Sahana says that she will never let Riya go. Sahana is making a plan to stop Riya. Even then, Sahana finds out that Riya is in Shahana Manga's mind

for something to eat. Suhana mixes Nand pills in Riya's food, she eats Nand pills.

 and Riya goes. Ranveer or Prachi don get ready to go to the wedding and are waiting for Riya ko Kehti Hai ki Riya Se Jakar Pocho Kitni der hai Sahana goes upstairs to Riya. They go to Prachi and Ranveer's wedding. Suhana is very happy. The theft is late. Riya wakes up. Riya runs away and comes to the place. She tells all the family where Ran's Prachi is. Pallavi says that.

 she is not at the wedding. Riya is angry with Riya. Riya says why won't she write to me when I sit and say, I am also going to leave. It is about Riya going to marriage with Vigoon, he didn't take me without taking me. Pallavi says to Riya what are you saying, you yourself said that your health is not right and you are not going to the marriage. Riya is thinking


 that you should not say all this. Pallavi says to Riya that you are not going to bear all this. Your schedule is not right and you don't want to go to marriage. This sinker is very annoying to Priya. Riya says I don't say all this. Now tell Sahana at ISI time and ask her when will I use it. ko Bulati Hai Pallavi Sab Ghar Walon Ke Samne.

 Sahana se puchti hai vah kahati hai ki riya kah rahi hai ki usny tumhen yah sab kuchh nahin kaha Pallavi Sahana ko Kahati hai ki Kya Riya Sach bol Rahi hai ki tumne Jhoothla yah says I will marry But don't go to this Sankar. Suhana is very sad. Suhana starts crying. Suhana eats. I will not lie to all of you. Vath bola tha riya.

 na don't say anything to me. In the bus she was lying to all of you. Suhana says I am doing all this for good. She says Ranveer and Prachi don Himisha are in love with each other. kaha yah Acha mauka Hai in Donon Ko milane Ka Aapas Mein Donon Ki Larai Khatm karne Ka Sahana Khati hai ki Agar Riya UN Donon ke Sath Jaati to wah Donon Dobara se hi naraz.

 ho Jaate Unki Narazgi Kbhi Sarah Nahati hai that's all I asked All the lies were told by Pallavi and all the family members are sad for Suhana. They say that Suhana, you are saying exactly the same thing. Bhi Zida Gusta comes, Riya says that everyone is too bad to go together, everyone is taking his site. Ranveer and Prachi Don are enjoying their wedding. Riya doesn't want to. Riya can't get married with UNDON

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