Kundali Bhagya Bhagya today Feb 1 Episode hd

 Kumkum Bhagya is a show on Zee TV, you will see that Alia has made a very bad plan with Riya.  He pulls Riya away from him and says to Riya, why are you trying to come to me? How many times have I told you

that I have no feelings for you? I was Prachi' and I will always be Prachi'  Prachi is not but our love will be together Jee Haan friends like Sankar Riya's eyes are going to get tearful Riya.

 will see Bartan breaking you guys why Riya is so sad Ranveer until you start telling me.  Manati then takes Ranveer away from God, which Riya doesn't like at all and tells Alia that there is nothing left in my life.  Why didn't I want Ranveer to be mine, I was doing everything to get Ranveer, but Ranveer is Prachi' now, but .

 Aaliya tells Riya to cool down and uses someone.  You want to stay with your Ranveer Dilla, for that why I have to take Prachi out of our way I will never back down yes friends Riya listens to Alia and says to Alia it is not possible we will leave Prachi hut.  Says Aaliya you don't have the guts to do anything you just pretend to be pregnant Baqi Mein.

Sambhal Langi Kyun Ki Main Hai Baar Siddharth and Prachi se Hamisha want to get rid of Himisha for Himisha hope to be in a house.  I won't see them because friends Siddharth says to Aaliya I have to meet with Meghna but Aaliya says to Siddharth

I can't meet your sister Siddharth you know me here Pallavi is keeping an eye on people all the time if  I will follow.

 you further, Pallavi will be suspicious of me, FIR, our plan will be blocked, Siddharth, you do this, you go with the driver, I will give you a dress, and you will meet your cousin Meghna at the hotel.  Leena yes guys Siddharth will be seen denying Alia's talk to meet his own and you guys will see very soon.

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